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Keep a Pulse on Inclusion

Our Inclusion Survey platform comes with 50 academically validated questions designed to capture your employee’s thoughts on inclusion

Inclusion Survey Framework

Our platform examines your organization across 5 inclusion domains
to determine your organization’s current state and identify areas for improvement


Management should provide feedback, help develop team members, and be hands-on


Making sure employee’s know there is room to grow within the organization is imperative


Promote an inclusive, diverse and positive work environment for all employees


Ensure employees feel that leadership is steering the ship in the right direction

Continuous Improvement Made Easy

  • Building an inclusive culture is a continuous process – that’s why our Inclusion survey platform is designed for year around use
  • Questions are delivered straight into your employee’s inboxes. Questions can be answered directly from their email client or on their mobile phone – all anonymous, of course.
  • Questions takes less than 30 seconds to answer, allowing employees to get back to doing actual work.

Collaborative Feedback

Sometimes a simple yes or no answer isn’t enough for employees who feel they want to voice more information. That’s why we also allow employees to provide feedback along with their selected responses. Not only that, they have the ability to see what their other colleagues are saying as well, allowing for real-time collaboration and a through-provoking dialogue to unfold. From there our text analytics algorithm will pick up the most imperative feedback and highlight them in your dashboard

Take Action

Along with all the data you’ll collect, our platform will also provide curated recommendations that will help your HR team take the appropriate steps to continue to improve your organization.