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Instant Recognition

Frontline employee engagement

Easily communicate and distribute information with your frontline staff with Teleskope's Connect Module.


Extend access to your frontline employees with a low cost platform provide them with secure digital identities into not only Teleskope Solutions, but any of your internal applications.

Key Uses

Frontline Employee Membership Management:

Automate membership management processes while providing facilitating ease of joining for frontline employees, utilizing one-click join capabilities. 


Frontline Employee Community Management:

Organize events and send calendar invites for community events across and within groups. Encourage cross-functional and multi-locational collaboration between groups to promote creativity and open a channel for communication between corporate and frontline employees. 


Frontline Employee Engagement Communication Management:

Create and distribute communication specifically designed for frontline employees. Leverage branded templates to ensure all frontline employee communication remains professional and engaging. Analyze email tracking analytics to improve communication engagement. Encourage communication between frontline employees and corporate leaders by providing a common conduit for information flow.

Frontline Employee Survey Management:

Create and design surveys to gauge the sentiment and needs of frontline employees. Utilize options such as anonymous mode to get unfiltered responses that relay a clear picture of ground realities. Use the feedback to improve policies, processes and plan events that would resonate with frontline staff.

Frontline Employee Engagement with Custom Hierarchies: 

Create ERGs with granular hierarchies including local chapters and sub-groups. Leverage the powerful chapter auto-mapping feature of the Connect Module to create logical mappings of your local offices to local frontline employee chapters.

What Sets Teleskope Apart


Get technical expertise to our products and guidance to overcome internal technology hurdles for the successful adoption of our platform

Illustrated Waves


Our products can be customized to look and feel like a home-grown platform. Functionalities and algorithms can also be tailored to your needs.


All our products integrate easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

Illustrated Waves


We pride ourselves in state-of-the-art data security and privacy measures that guarantees confidentiality


Our product suite is available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees

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