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Managing Teleskope Zoom App

Adding the Teleskope App for generating Zoom Meeting links

  1. Login to your affinities account and navigate to the Events section.

  2. Click Create an Event >> Select “Virtual Conference” from the “Venue type” dropdown.

  3. Click the "Zoom" icon.

  4. The link will be auto-generated if you’ve allowed access to your Zoom account via Teleskope app. If you haven’t allowed access, click the “Allow” button. 



The usage of this app is limited to generating a Zoom meeting URL for the events. We do not store or use any of the personal details associated with the Zoom account.


Removing the Teleskope App

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  2. Click Manage >> Added Apps or search for the "Teleskope" app.

  3. Click the "Teleskope" app.

  4. Click Remove.

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