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Employee Communication Software

A powerful employee communication software for customized information sharing among teams

Teleskope Office Raven Employee Communication Software Interface


Create, customize and curate various types of communication



Office Raven enables

company-wide communication with an easy-to-use interface


Send communication to groups or sub-groups based on the filters of your choice


Connect colleagues across the globe and promote collaboration

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Office Raven - A company-wide communication tool


Create branded newsletters, announcements and enable discussion boards

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Send communication to employees based on various HRIS attributes


Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaboration and Communication Applications

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Available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees

anytime, anywhere

Features that Enhance Internal Communication

Employee Groups Icon

Create Groups & Sub-Groups

  • Create groups as per location, team or other parameters

  • Send group-specific messages and communication

  • Go granular with the filters on the employee population

Send emails Icon

Send 1 Million Emails with a Single Click

  • Power to send over 1 Million emails at a go

  • Send organization-wide mass communication with ease

  • No more manual addition of email addresses

Newsletter and Announcements Icon

Create Newsletters & Announcements

  • Create newsletter templates for each group

  • Share group-specific announcements 

  • Increase engagement through discussion boards

Resource Hub Icon

Create a Resource Hub

  • Create a hub for resource sharing for each group

  • Access department or location-specific documents

  • Share and store files, documents, policies, links & more

Custom Branding Icon

Customize the platform

  • Customize the platform as per your brand guidelines

  • Get a dedicated domain and URL for your company 

  • Create brand-approved templates to be used by all

Reports and Analytics Icon

Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

  • View data summaries on the dashboard

  • Map ERG & DEI data against HRIS attributes for insights

  • Measure employee engagement with analytics

Application Integration Icon

Integrate with Existing Applications

  • Integrate the platform with any existing application

  • Rationalize applications and reduce overall cost 

  • Sunset standalone apps & replace with in-built features

Instant Recognition Icon

Instant Recognition

  • Enable instant peer and self-recognition

  • Celebrate successes, milestones and acts of kindness

  • Gauge employee sentiment and satisfaction

Employee Allocation Icon

Automate Employee Allocation to Groups

  • Auto-assign employees to groups based on set logic

  • New employees or internal transfers are auto-allocated 

  • No manual intervention needed

Events Calendar Icon

Organize Events

  • Organize events for specific office locations or teams

  • Send invites, track RSVPs and attendance

  • Conduct in-person or virtual events and meetings

Survey Icon

Conduct Surveys & Polls

  • Set up action-triggered surveys easily

  • Conduct polls and quizzes to engage with employees

  • Send anonymous surveys to collect feedback

Corporate Communication Icon

Automate Internal Campaigns

  • Design internal communication campaigns

  • Create templates & define frequency and triggers

  • Send customized campaigns to the intended audience

Permissions and Security Icon

Assign Custom Roles and Permissions

  • Choose levels of authority for different team members

  • Customize the escalation matrix

  • Decide who has access to which slice of information

Multiple Languages Icon

Cater to Multiple Languages

  • The platform is available in 14 global languages

  • Set up truly global Employee Communities

  • Employees can overcome language barriers to connect

Frontline Employee Engagement Icon

Frontline Employee Engagement

  • Give frontline employees access to all programs 

  • Employees can access programs without an official email address or laptop/desktop 

Team Builder Icon

Build Teams

  • Create teams in an instant using automation

  • Choose the criteria  and let the algorithm do the rest

  • Set up short-term committees, staff projects and more

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