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Teleskope Webinars

Watch industry experts discuss diversity, equity and inclusion trends. Learn useful and practical information about ERG management, mentoring and employee engagement from the experiences of managers and leads

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Topic: Frontline Employee Engagement with ERGs

Moderator: Priyanka Gujar, Sr. Manager -Marketing, Teleskope


Panelist: Joshua Dantzler, Sr. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Specialist at Amtrak

Key topics: Frontline Employees at Amtrak, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Amtrak, ERG Management – Amtrak Team Structure, Events and Activities, Challenge and solutions of engaging with Frontline Employees, Future of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Amtrak, Insights for Diversity Managers


Topic: ERG Events

Moderator: Maneet Sarai, Chief Product Officer, Teleskope



Rachee Powell, Manager - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at FedEx Ground 

Key topics: ERG events, Event ideas, Event planning, Approval workflows, Budgets, Event metrics, Multi-ERG events

Leveraging ERGs in
Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Moderator: Maneet Sarai, Chief Product Officer, Teleskope



Karla Zevallos, DEI Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Jesus Morales II, D&I Manager, Labcorp

Brittnee Bleau, Project Coordinator, DEI Office, Mass General Brigham

Key topics: Employee Resource Groups, ERG Strategy, Business Goals, Health Equity, ERG Management, Leadership Team, ERG Structures, Product & Service Innovation, ERG Metrics, ERG Budgets

The Business Value of ERGs

Moderator: Maneet Sarai, Chief Product Officer, Teleskope



Samantha Renovato, Director Global DEI, Ingredion

Adewale Soluade, VP DEI, Centene

Jennifer Gamboa-Copeland, Director DEI, Mckesson

Angela Curley, Senior Manager DEI, Henkel

Key topics: Employee Resource Groups Program Overview, Overall Strategy of ERGs, Driving Business Value through ERGs, Leveraging Technology for Key Metrics, ERG Reporting & Stakeholder Management, ERGs and Mergers & Acquisitions, Long-term Strategy of ERG Programs, Remote Work & ERGs, ERG Budgets

Elevating Resource Groups as Business Drivers

Moderator: Maneet Sarai, VP of Products, Teleskope



Jessica Rice, VP, Head of DEI, Under Armour Inc.

Dr. Johné Battle, Chief Diversity Officer, Dollar General

Kristan Crapps, Head of ERG Programs, Chevron

Sheldon Maye, North American Lead, Accenture

Key topics: Overview of ERG programs, Incentivizing ERG Leaders, Structuring ERG programs with examples, Promoting ERG programs within the organization, ERG KPIs and Metrics, Engaging ERGs to respond to current events, How to measure education about DEI

What Sets Teleskope Apart


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Top Emerging
Diversity And Inclusion Companies

"Teleskope can be regarded as a single pane of glass that can substantially improve recruitment, enhance retention, and boost talent management of the diverse workforce, all the while not deviating from the standards and ethos of the client organizations."

Teleskope wins Top Emerging Diversity and Inclusion Companies Award

We are proud to be a diverse service provider

Teleskope is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) ready to partner with you on your employee experience journey.

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