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Products designed for teams who evolve company culture

ERG Management

A simple, modern, comprehensive platform that allows you to improve the administration and employee experience of Employee Resource Group programs

Office Raven
Employee Communications

An intuitive platform that allows you to distribute and manage employees communications including Newsletters and Events across your entire employee population

Fair Voice
HR Issue Management

A simple secure solution that allows employees to report workplace issues with end to end privacy and allows HR teams to identify and resolve issues

Team Council
Well-being Analytics

An secure and easy to use application that allows you to gain real-time visibility into the well-being of employees within their direct project team(s)

Affinities ERG Management

Improve the employee experience

Give your employees an easy to use platform to discover, join, and stay up to do with your organizations ERGs.

Keep everything in one place

Leverage bespoke ERG tools to administer every aspect of your ERG program including roster management, event management, budgeting, and more. Collect the necessary data you need to measure, grow your ERGs and empower your ERGs to make the most impact possible.

Office Raven Communications

Streamline office managememnt

Empower office leaders to create and distribute content to employees, organize critical office informatio and make it available to employees.

Branded communications

Keep your company's visual brand identity in tact by ensuring all distributed content is branded according to your company's branding guidelines.

Fair Voice Issue Management

Secure private communications

Provide employees with an anonymous and secure platform for to raise critical workplace issues.

Issue management and resolution

Keep issue reports and their activity organized, so you can easily track the status of open reports and assign ownership within your team. Prioritize individual cases of discrimination, harassment, misconduct and policy violations by using advanced Natural Language Processing and alert key stakeholders in real time.

Team Council Well-being Analytics

Team Pulse Check

Provides a forum for capturing each team member’s well-being and needs and establishes a detailed roadmap to improve — from launch to completion — for every project

Actionable Insights

Get real-time data on your project teams with reliable & transparent data depicting personal working norms, opportunity, stress levels and work life balance

Seamless integration for a smooth workflow.

Integrations with all your favorite tools means no tool fatigue and instant adoption for your employees.

With Teleskope, your workflow isn’t replaced, it’s upgraded.

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