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Products designed for D&I Professionals

Affinities ERG Management

A simple, modern platform that connects employees to your Employee Resource Groups

Inclusion IQ Surveys

An intuitive surveying platform that allows you to engage with employees across all of your D&I programs.

D&I Admin Panel

A comprehensive admin panel that allows you to manage, measure, and grow all of your D&I programs in one place.

Affinities ERG Management

Improve the employee experience

Give your employees an easy to use platform to discover, join, and stay up to do with your organizations ERGs.

Keep everything in one place

Leverage are bespoke ERG tools to administer every aspect of your ERG program including roster management, event management, budgeting, and more!

Get the data you need to grow

Collect the necessary data you need to measure, grow your ERGs and empower your ERGs to make the most impact possible.

Inclusion IQ Surveys

Keep a pulse on your D&I programs

Our surveying technology can be used to survey your entire employee population or can be filtered to run within specific D&I programs such as ERGs and D&I Councils.

Collaborative Feedback

Sometimes a simple yes or no answer is not enough for employees who feel they want to voice more information. Thus, we allow you to enable employees to provide feedback along with their selected responses. Not only that, they have the ability to see what their other colleagues are saying as well, allowing for real-time collaboration. From there our text analytics algorithm will pick up the most imperative feedback and highlight them in your dashboard.

D&I Admin Panel

Single pane of glass

Forget about Excel sheets and Sharepoints sites. Manage all of your D&I programs in one comprehensive suite.

Real-time reporting

Collect real-time reporting of all of your D&I programs to help you measure the impact your team is making on the organization.

Seamless integration for a smooth workflow.

Integrations with all your favorite tools means no tool fatigue and instant adoption for your employees.
With Teleskope, your workflow isn’t replaced, it’s upgraded.

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We constantly update all of our products based on customer feedback to ensure we are providing the rights tools that D&I professionals need to effectively run their programs.


You are trusting us with your data, therefore it is our number 1 priority to ensure we implement every necessary security measures that it deserves.

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Whether your employees have a question on how to use our products or your D&I team wants to discover new ways of increasing D&I impact, our team is ready to support!