ERG Management

Administer, measure, and grow your ERGs from one single platform

Finally an all-in-one solution to manage ERGs

Affinities ERG software was developed with inputs from Fortune 500 companies with over 100,000 global DEI practitioners and participants.


Employee Resource Groups or ERGs are part of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy for a growing number of organizations. ERGs provide employees a formal group within an organization to address their unique ethnic, gender, experience, or interest needs which help them grow and succeed in the workplace. For organizations, ERGs provide a unique platform with tremendous benefits to improve employee retention, recruitment of diverse workforce, talent development, and apply the collective knowledge of diverse workforce for business or product development. Employee Resource Groups are also referred as Business Resource Groups or BRGs in some organizations 


Managing ERGs can be a tedious task for Diversity teams as it involves keeping up to date rosters of ERG members, regional chapter development with local management structures, managing budgets, content management, and dissemination, conducting events within and across ERGs, getting feedback, and other internal marketing activities to grow ERG memberships.


Teleskope Affinities Employee Resource Group management software was built ground-up to reduce the administrative burden of ERG management and to provide unique insights into how the ERGs are performing and get a view on ROI. Affinities is an easy-to-use Software as a Service solution that helps organizations from all sectors and of all sizes to bring together all the ERG's, their chapters under the same interface to provide a structure, apply consistent branding, and enforce organization policies. For employees, it provides a single interface to learn about all ERGs, become a member, access resources and other ERG content, to participate in surveys, discussions, and events. 


Group Seflie


Automated ERG membership management synced against your HRIS system


Integrated survey tools with ERG triggers such as "on group join" and "post-event"


End-to-end event management tools along with real-time event analytics & reporting. Supports global Events, collaboration events, RSVP, and waitlist management.

Reporting & Analytics

Rich reporting and analytics across all dimensions of your ERG program


Branded content creation and distribution tools  coupled with tracking and analytics. Easily create professional-grade ERG newsletters and announcements

Roles & Permissions

Customizable roles and permissions that align with your ERG governance structure


Comprehensive ERG budget managements tools at group and chapter levels


Holistic engagement tracking across all of your ERG programming