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Employee Resource Group Management Software

Build and nurture DEI communities within your organization effortlessly with our end-to-end Employee Resource Group Management Platform

Teleskope Affinities Employee Resource Group Management Software
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Get a real-time view of what drives and engages people in the organization. Foster a desired culture through meaningful messaging.


We have witnessed organizations benefit from Teleskope Affinities in ways that transcend employee networks management and lead to business impact.

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Involve employees in decision-making.

Create potential business resource groups to form the perfect union of community and business goals.

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Identify passionate employees with leadership potential and hone their skills through ERG management roles.

Align ERG leads with senior management.

Teleskope Affinities - A cut above the rest

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Developed with inputs from Fortune 500 customers with over 100,000 global DEI practitioners and participants

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50+ satisfied clients including DEI pioneers across industries - Consulting, Retail, Technology & many more

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Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

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Available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees

See these product features in action

Features that Simplify and Elevate ERG Management

Employee Resource Group Members
  • All users get instant visibility to all ERGs in the organization including different chapters and events

  • One-click join feature for instant access.

  • Manage and monitor member enrollments, engagement and retention with an Admin Panel for the ERG Management Team

Manage ERG Memberships
Employee Resource Group Event
Organize Events
  • Plan ERG specific events with ease

  • Send calendar invites

  • Track attendance

  • Track all ERG events with the Global Calendar feature which displays color-coded events for different ERGs to avoid overlaps

  • Allow users to filter events based on ERGs and locations

Employees with different roles in ERG Management
  • Pick and choose roles and levels of authority for different team members.

  • Customize the escalation matrix.

  • Decide who has access to what slice of ERG information. Enjoy the advantage of enhanced data security.

Assign Custom Roles and Permissions
Employee easily managing ERG budgets
  • Get a comprehensive view of fund sourcing, fund allocation and fund utilization

  • Design a customized system for budget approvals

  • Determine if ERGs are using funds optimally

  • Track and consolidate expenses and calculate ROI on initiatives

Manage budgets and consolidate expenses
Diverse and inclusive hiring process
  • Build a diverse and inclusive workspace by tapping into ERGs to gauge underrepresented talent

  • Use reliable ERG referrals for hiring

  • Showcase your commitment to future employees by providing them with an opportunity to connect with ERG members

Rev up Hiring Strategy
Employee Resource Group members deciding branding
  • Customize the look and feel of the platform to reflect company branding and lexicon

  • Create templates which can be adopted by different ERGs.

  • Design ERG-specific newsletters and broadcast them

  • Study engagement insights and refine communication strategy to get results

Make it your own
Employee accessing ERG Surveys on Mobile App
  • Create and distribute surveys to gauge the cultural pulse of the organization

  • Measure awareness and sensitivity to organizational DEI goals using surveys, polls and  quizzes

  • Replicate and modify surveys across ERGs

Conduct Surveys
Employee Resouce Groups Report
  • Get a comprehensive view of all ERG data across geographies

  • Customize the data visualization dashboard with multiple filter options

  • Control data visibility as per roles and permissions

  • Analyze granular querying results to get insights

  • Download customized reports across ERGs

Generate Customized Reports
Employee Resource Group members clapping and recognizing colleagues
  • Teleskope's Recognition Module provides a platform for peer and self-recognition

  • Improve morale by celebrating official successes & personal milestones

  • Promote a positive work culture by recognizing acts of kindness both inside and outside the workplace  

  • Gauge overall employee sentiment and satisfaction through nominations

  • Boost productivity and increase employee engagement

Recognize Employees 
Quantify ERG Engagement with Points and Rewards
  • Teleskope's ERG Points feature helps solve two common challenges that arise in ERG management - How to quantify ERG engagement & How to compensate ERG leads

  • With ERG Points, assign points to ERG activities (on-join, event attendance, initiating a discussion) based on engagement parameters that are important to you

  • Fairly reward ERG Leads with points for the ERG tasks they take up in addition to their regular work

  • Employees can redeem the points earned against gift vouchers or a reward system of your choice

Quantify ERG engagement and reward ERG leads

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