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Ultimate Guide for  Employee Resource Group Management for ERG Leaders

Ultimate Guide for  Employee Resource Group Management for ERG Leaders

What is in the guidebook?

Practical tips for ERG leaders for efficient and effective Employee Resource Groups Management.


ERG Leads Guide Contents:

  • Sample ERG Organizational Structure

  • 25 Pointers on how to be successful ERG Lead

  • 10 Things to consider beyond day-to-day ERG work

  • 15 Links to useful resources

File Type: PDF

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What Sets Teleskope Apart

Employee Resource Group Management Platform


Teleskope’s agile and intuitive platform is highly customizable for ERGs and other use-cases

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Employee Resource Group Management Software


Our customers include Fortune 500 companies across 14+ industries with a global footprint


Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

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Available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees anywhere anytime

We are proud to be a diverse service provider

Teleskope is a Minority-owned Business Enterprise (MBE) ready to partner with you on your employee experience journey.

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