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Employee Resource Group Management Software, Employee Resource Group Management, Employee Resource Group Software,
Employee Resource Group Management Software, Employee Resource Group Management, Employee Resource Group Software,

Employee Resource Group Management Software

A comprehensive Employee Resource Group (ERG) management software that helps nurture diversity, equity and inclusion at the workplace

Employee Resource Group Platform Management Software, Employee Resource Group Management, Employee Resource Group Software,
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Support and scale ERGs and become an employer of choice


Ensure your Employee Resource Group (ERG) data is secure and protected  

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Explore the platform’s  advanced ERG management features 

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Give D&I Managers and ERG Leaders the power of automation and analytics 

Why Teleskope is the best ERG Management Software

Employee Resource Group Management Platform


Teleskope’s agile and intuitive platform is highly customizable for ERGs and other use-cases

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Employee Resource Group Management Software


Our customers include Fortune 500 companies across 14+ industries with a global footprint


Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

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Available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees anywhere anytime

Features that Simplify and Elevate ERG Management

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Manage all Employee Resource Groups

  • Access and manage all ERGs in one place

  • Get custom data views and reports in the Admin Panel

  • Deep dive into all ERG metrics with granular filters

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Organize ERG Events

  • Send event invites, track RSVPs and event attendance

  • Global Calendar feature displays events across all ERGs

  • Filter events by Employee Resource Group or location

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Manage Employee Resource Group budgets

  • View fund source, fund allocation and fund utilization

  • Automate budget management with approval workflows

  • Consolidate expenses and calculate ROI for ERGs

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Set-up Action-triggered Surveys

  • Create surveys triggered by user action - ERG join, exit

  • Use anonymous surveys for feedback and suggestions

  • Create polls and quizzes to measure awareness

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Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

  • View intuitive ERG data summaries on the dashboard

  • Map ERG data against core HRIS attributes for insights

  • Showcase ERG growth to the leadership using analytics

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Cater to Multiple Languages

  • The platform is available in 14 global languages

  • Set up truly global Employee Resource Groups (ERG)

  • Employees can overcome language barriers to connect  

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ERG Points

  • Quantify ERG engagement and compensate ERG leads

  • Assign points to ERG activities (on-join etc.) & ERG leads

  • Redeem points against gift vouchers or a reward system 

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Instant Recognition

  • Enable instant peer and self-recognition within ERGs

  • Celebrate successes, milestones and acts of kindness

  • Gauge employee engagement within ERGs

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Boost ERG Membership

  • Employees join ERGs instantly with one-click join feature

  • Employees can view all ERGs in one location

  • Send communication to all employees to promote ERGs

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Create Custom Group Hierarchies

  • Create group hierarchies within ERGs

  • Manage Global, Regional, Chapters or Sub-Groups  

  • Send communication to sub-groups or all members

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Customize the ERG platform

  • Customize the ERG platform as per brand guidelines

  • Get a dedicated domain and URL for your company 

  • Create brand-approved templates to be used by all

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Create Newsletters & Resource Hub

  • Create templates for newsletters and announcements

  • Set up communication campaigns for ERG awareness 

  • Store important files and links in the Resource Hub 

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Assign Custom Roles and Permissions

  • Choose levels of authority for different team members

  • Design and automate ERG approval workflows

  • Decide who has access to what slice of ERG information

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Integrate with Existing Applications

  • Integrate the platform with any existing application

  • Rationalize applications and reduce overall cost 

  • Sunset standalone apps for an advanced ERG software

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Frontline Employee Engagement

  • Give frontline employees access to ERGs 

  • Employees can access employee resource groups and other programs even without work-issued devices or IDs

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Build Teams

  • Create teams in an instant using automation

  • Choose the criteria  and let the algorithm do the rest

  • Set up short-term committees, staff projects and more


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