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Talent Peak

Mentoring Software

A powerful mentoring platform with advanced algorithms for mentor and mentee matching

Teleskope Talent Peak Mentoring Platform

Get access to 15+ Mentoring Program Templates for FREE!

Teleskope's Mentoring Platform comes with 15+ built-in, ready-to-use mentoring program templates

Mentoring software


Mentoring helps employees grow and organization retain top talent


​Talent Peak enables all types of mentoring programs


Mentoring promotes belonging at the workplace and boosts employee morale

Mentoring programs


Explore ERG and D&I Mentoring for a nuanced mentor-mentee relationship

Why choose Teleskope's advanced Mentoring Software

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Helps employees grow professionally; directly impacting company growth

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Unlocks employee potential through coaching and mentoring programs


Combine DEI and HRIS data to create D&I and ERG mentoring programs

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Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and ERG Software

Mentoring Software with Advanced Features

Mentoring Algorithm

Powerful Mentor-Mentee Algorithm

  • Advanced algorithm to match mentors & mentees

  • Create best matches using DEI data and HRIS attributes 

  • Capable of one-to-one or many-to-one mapping

Mentoring Touchpoints

Define Touchpoints

  • Define the frequency of mentor - mentees interaction

  • Assign goals, agenda and action items to touchpoints

  • Provide resources and track progress of mentoring

Mentoring Programs

Create many programs on one platform

  • Design and implement onboarding programs, learning programs, professional development programs etc.

  • Have all employee programs on one platform

Mentoring Reports

Comprehensive Reports and Analytics

  • View mentoring data summaries on the dashboard

  • Map ERG & DEI data against HRIS attributes for insights

  • Share mentoring success stories with senior leaders

Mentoring Platform Integration

Integrate with Existing Applications

  • Integrate mentoring software with existing applications

  • Rationalize applications and reduce overall cost 

  • Sunset standalone apps & replace with in-built features

Instant Recognition for Mentors and Mentees

Instant Recognition

  • Enable instant peer and self-recognition

  • Celebrate successes, milestones and acts of kindness

  • Gauge employee sentiment and satisfaction

Mentoring Curriculums Icons

Design and Integrate Curriculums

  • Create curriculums for mentoring and learning programs

  • Integrate curriculum and touchpoints into the platform

  • Use Teleskope’s services for curriculum development

Mentoring Survey

Set-up Action-triggered Surveys

  • Send surveys to participants on milestone completion

  • Get instant feedback to improve the program

  • Enable anonymous feedback of mentoring

Mentoring Platform

Customize the platform

  • Customize the platform as per your brand guidelines

  • Get a dedicated domain and URL for your company 

  • Create brand-approved templates for mentoring

Multiple Languages Icon

Cater to Multiple Languages

  • The platform is available in 14 global languages

  • Set up truly global Mentoring Programs

  • Help employees overcome language barriers to connect

Frontline Employee Engagement

Frontline Employee Engagement

  • Give frontline staff access to mentoring programs 

  • Employees can access mentoring and other programs without an official email address or laptop/desktop 

Mentor and Mentee Teams

Build Teams

  • Create teams in an instant using automation

  • Choose the criteria  and let the algorithm do the rest

  • Set up short-term committees, staff projects and more

Supports all types of Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Program Traditional One on One

Traditional Paired Mentoring

Traditional paired mentoring programs have one on one mapping of mentors and mentees. There are a variety of DEI programs that come under this type of mentoring.

Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring

Group mentoring programs have one or more mentors assigned to a group of mentees. It differs from classroom trainings as mentors also gain insights from mentees in this setup

Flash Mentoring Speed Mentoring

Flash Mentoring /

Flash mentoring is a modern mentoring practice which is specific in intent and shorter in duration. Individuals can also take on self-guided learning programs to learn at their own pace.

Read our blogs for insights on Mentoring

Reverse Mentoring

Learn how reverse mentoring is gaining traction in today's workplaces

Key trends for mentoring programs

Mentoring programs can embrace new trends to be relevant and engaging.

How to get the most out of mentoring programs

Here's how program managers can get the most out of mentoring programs

Benefits of using a mentoring software

There are many benefits of using a mentoring software to manage, nurture and scale intuitive mentoring programs.

New types of mentoring programs

Organizations should add new types of mentoring programs to keep the multi-generational workforce engaged.

Modern mentoring programs

Here is a list of characteristics new-age employees are expecting from modern mentoring programs.

How to match mentors and mentees

A key component of any mentoring program is the matching of mentors and mentees to find the right fit.

A world class employee engagement platform

One platform for all employee programs is disrupting the DEI space and creating waves.

Flash mentoring

Learn more about flash mentoring - its definition with examples, benefits and how to set up a program.

ERG Mentoring

When ERGs and mentoring come together, a number of avenues of  employee engagement open up.

Advantages of ERG mentoring

The introduction of mentoring within and among ERGs can help in creating better employee experiences.

Mentorship programs and their benefits

Mentoring internal talent is a more efficient and cost effective way to grow your business.

  • What is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at the workplace?
    Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are also called Employee Networks, Affinity Groups, Interest Groups or Business Resource Groups in some organizations. They are fostered by organizations to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace culture. ERGs are created to get employees with common interests or backgrounds together. These internal communities are safe spaces where employees can be their authentic selves and share their personal and professional journeys with one another.
  • What is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) Management Software?
    ERG Management software provides a platform to help organizations automate the activities undertaken to manage and run ERGs. ERG software usually has features such as one-click join, newsletters, event invites, and resource sharing which simplifies things for ERG leads and managers. Customized reports and dashboards help gauge ERG growth. An ERG software also enhances user experience as employee have to access only one platform to get all ERG information. Here is a checklist to help you choose the right ERG software.
  • What is Teleskope Affinities?
    Teleskope Affinities is an Employee Resource Group (ERG) management software. It is part of Teleskope’s product suite. Affinities can help you manage and automate tasks related to ERG management such as driving memberships, scheduling events, assigning roles and permissions, managing budgets, creating custom dashboards and reports and much more. Several Fortune 500 companies have elevated their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies with the help of Teleskope Affinities. Schedule a demo to watch Teleskope Affinities in action.
  • Does Teleskope Affinities ERG Management Platform integrate with other software/systems?
    Affinities seamlessly integrates with all your existing systems. These include HRIS software like Workday, ADP Workforce, BambooHR, SAP SuccessFactors, Dayforce and many more. Affinities also integrates with internal communication software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace etc. Drop us a message in our chat or email us at for specific queries regarding integration.
  • How is data privacy and security ensured?
    Security and privacy of data has always been a top priority for Teleskope’s engineering team. We have obtained our SOC 2 report and ensured a high level of data integrity for all our clients.
  • What are the benefits of having Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at the workplace?
    Employee Resource Groups are a great way to promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace. When managed well, they contribute to improving the overall employee experience with a positive impact on employee retention. Employee Resource Groups when transformed into Business Resource Groups contribute significantly to business goals.

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