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Learning Communities

Employees participating in learning communities

Provide employees with a simple way to access learning and development materials including learning courses, learning events, and critical communications.


Teleskope's Talent Peak solution gives you a singular platform to manage all of your internal Learning Communities. Get employees onboard with features such as one-click-join and easy access to learning resources.

Key Uses

Learning Communities Content Aggregation:

Talent Peak acts as a portal to informal and formal content residing in your internal systems. Talent Peak can index and link to content residing in your organization’s LMS, knowledge bases, electronic bookshelves, document management systems, expert blogs, social networking sites, licensed content, and other repositories.


Learning Communities Content Tagging:

Talent Peak has the ability to apply a customer organization’s metadata schema to tag content in a unified way across all its content repositories. A good taxonomy and a diligent approach to tagging content helps ensure the effectiveness of Talent Peak.


Learning Communities Predictive User Experience:

Talent Peak uses predictive logic to determine which content is likely to be important to an individual. Predictors may include user profile information (such as job role, department, and work location), search and content usage history, self-assessed skill gaps, selected areas of interest, and similarities with other users. Talent Peak applies these predictors to focus search results and make recommendations. As you use Talent Peak for your learning communities, it will begin to bring to the surface content that is highly relevant to your personal job context, skill level, and professional development goals.


Learning Communities User Control:

Talent Peak offers an array of features that enable users to take charge of their own learning goals and activities. Skill-based self-assessments help users explore their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Topic checklists allow users to indicate their areas of interest. Users can assemble and track their own personal learning plans.


Learning Communities Event Management:

Manage all of your events within your Learning Communities with robust RSVP and Attendance tracking. Manage in-person events, virtual events, participant limit events, event volunteers and more. Analyze real-time analytics and reporting of your events to continually improve your events for learning communities.


Learning Communities Communication Management:

Create and distribute beautiful communications amongst Learning Communities. Leverage branded templates to ensure all learning communications remain on brand. Analyze email tracking analytics to improve communication engagement.


Learning Communities Survey Management:

Utilize surveys and polls to measure the progression of learning communities and adjust methods of communications, diversity, equity, learning and inclusion in order to promote efficiency. Utilize emails and email alerts to improve engagements and mentor satisfaction between and within learning communities.


Learning Communities Recognition:

Allows learning group team members to recognize their colleagues against their custom recognition frameworks. 


Learning Communities Engagement Quantification:

Distribute points as incentives based on your definition of mentorship, and to quantify the engagement of learning communities. Help mentors and mentees plan milestones and goals to achieve in order progress within their learning communities. 


Learning Communities Approvals and Workflows:

Create approvals and workflows on any of your processes to continually improve mentoring methods and learning processes for each community. 

What Sets Teleskope Apart


Get technical expertise to our products and guidance to overcome internal technology hurdles for the successful adoption of our platform

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Our products can be customized to look and feel like a home-grown platform. Functionalities and algorithms can also be tailored to your needs.


All our products integrate easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

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We pride ourselves in state-of-the-art data security and privacy measures that guarantees confidentiality


Our product suite is available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees

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