Dedicated to improving Corporate Culture

Teleskope was founded by members with extensive careers in Technology, Design, Sales, and Management Consulting. While working at some of the most prestigious companies in the world the team would consistently be users of employee programs and advocates for improving corporate culture. However, it was apparent to them that there is a need in the market for bespoke software that focuses on improving corporate culture.

Thus, the team set out to build software that meets the needs of everyday practitioners with a mission to bolster corporate culture. While we have deep expertise in software, we rely heavily on the feedback of our valued customers to strengthen our products.

Why work with Teleskope?

Fists in Solidarity

True Partnership

We build a true partnership with each of our customers in that we provide guidance  not only on our products but also on the business processes that need to be established along with our products

Writing on Glass

Technology Expertise

We will provide technical expertise not only in regards to our products but also your internal technology hurdles and challenges to ensure successful adoption of our platform


Continuous Growth

We constantly update all of our products based on customer feedback to ensure we are providing the rights tools that HR and Diversity professionals need to effectively run their programs

Hotline Consultant

End-to-End Support

Whether your employees have a question on how to use our products or your HR and Diversity teams want to discover new ways of increasing impact, our team is ready to support!