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What comprises a world-class employee community platform?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

World class employee community platform

An evolution in the workplace environment is being observed. With the emergence of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) accompanied with changing employee expectations from employers, Gen Z entering the workforce, remote/hybrid work becoming a norm, the traditional tools for employee experience and engagement are in for an upheaval.

What are Employee Communities

The new reality of employee communities is taking root. Employee communities are internal groups formed, managed and supported by organizations to cater to the changing needs of their employees. Employee communities encompass employee resource groups, learning groups, mentorship groups, location-based groups, volunteering groups and more.

A powerful one-stop software solution that can manage a wide-range of employee programs and initiatives that come under the umbrella-term employee communities is disrupting the DEI space and creating waves. Leading global organizations have already embraced this new-age technology and migrated their individual programs to one platform and reduced costs through application rationalization.

One platform for all employee programs

A world-class employee community platform enables users to easily access different types of employee programs with a single login. Once they enter the platform they can toggle between employee resource groups, mentoring programs, learning programs and general information based on their location or department. Different ‘zones’ on the platform host the different programs and This unified approach enhances the overall employee experience as they no longer have to look through emails for relevant information or sign into multiple applications with different usernames and passwords. They have everything they need at one place.

Employee Community Platform

Employee Community Platform

Advantages of Multi-program Data

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) program managers, learning and development heads and ERG leads have an added advantage of using a comprehensive employee community platform. Apart from getting a bird’s-eye view of all employee programs while also being able to customize each program individually, they get access to enriched data. As the different programs rest on the same platform, data flows seamlessly between them. For example, more depth can be added to mentoring programs by integrating ERG data to create ERG mentoring programs. More data facilitates better reporting and analytics which leads to better decision making.


An all-in-one platform automates all the manual tasks undertaken by leads and managers and adds a layer of logic and intelligence to it. Human error is minimized and time is not wasted on follow-ups as automated workflows handle reviews and approvals. DEI managers can instead focus their efforts on strategic long-term planning and use data to improve their programs.

Plethora of features

Intuitive employee community platforms also have a host of features that add a new dimension to the underlying structured programs. These features include action-based surveys, event scheduling and tracking, discussion boards, instant recognition, points system, frontline employee engagement, capability to create short-term teams or committees and more. These plethora of features keep users engaged as they visit the platform for interacting with their colleagues and sharing their stories and experiences.

Connection and collaboration

An employee community platform acts like an oasis from the stressors of everyday work. It is a safe haven for creating connections, something that the new workforce looks for when they choose an employer. It is their hub for personal and professional growth. It is also a testament of the organization’s commitment to employee well-being as well as diversity and inclusion at the workplace. An employee community platform encourages collaboration and creates a healthy work culture filled with mutual respect, appreciation and empathy.

To summarize, a world-class employee community software like Teleskope can create custom solutions for various types of employee programs and bring them together for an elevated employee experience and ease of management through automation.


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