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Organizational Communication


A communication tool for enhanced employee engagement for the whole organization

Teleskope Office Raven - Internal Communication Software
Create customized messages


Create, customize and curate various types of messages



Office Raven can enable company-wide communication with an easy-to-use interface

Send organization-wide messages


Delivers messages based on the filters and settings chosen by you!

Connect and collaborate with colleagues


Connect with colleagues across the globe with ease and collaborate

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Office Raven - A company-wide communication tool

Cutomized Content and templates


Create branded communication
& design newsletters, events, and announcements

Illustrated Waves
Granular filters for targeted messaging


Target granular level employee population based on HRIS attributes

Seamless Integation


Integrates easily with multiple HRIS, Collaborations Apps and Recruitment Tracking Softwares

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Easy access through desktop, laptop and mobile


Available on Desktop and as a Mobile Application for easy accessibility to all employees

Features that Enhance Internal Communication

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  • Define attributes to group employees

  • Employees get added to groups automatically based on attributes like location or department

  • Completely automated process, no manual intervention needed

Automatically Allocate Employees to Groups
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Design Automated Internal Communications Campaigns
  • Create internal communication campaigns for different processes such as onboarding, training, performance reviews, employee surveys and more.

  • Once designed, these campaigns can be automated and triggered on demand

  • Save hours of manual intervention and boost productivity 

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Send over 1 Million Emails with a Single Click
  • Enjoy the ease of mass communication with the power to send over 1 Million emails at a go

  • Create mailing groups to compartmentalize organization-wide communication

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  • Create customized branding communication templates

  • Design different types of communication templates such as newsletters, surveys, event announcements etc.

Create Branded Communication
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Set Granular Filters
  • Target employee population on a granular level

  • Choose filters from HRIS attributes

  • Encourage cross-functional and multi-location collaboration

Connect with employees across the globe
Discover New Content
  • Employees can discover new content based on
    geographical locations, business units, or customized organizational groupings

  • Contribute to discussions around the globe

Access, security and privacy settings
Assign Custom Roles and Permissions
  • Get complete control and customization of access and data visibility

  • Design roles and permissions based on user-defined attributes

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User-friendly Portal
  • East-to-use accessible platform 

  • User-friendly intuitive interface

  • Single sign-on across modules

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Recognize Employees and Improve Morale
  • Teleskope's Recognition Module provides a platform for peer and self-recognition

  • Improve morale by celebrating official successes & personal milestones

  • Promote a positive work culture by recognizing acts of kindness both inside and outside the workplace  

  • Gauge overall employee sentiment and satisfaction through nominations

  • Boost productivity and increase employee engagement

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