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Global Diversity Month and ERGs

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Global Diversity Month

History of Global Diversity Month

Global Diversity Month dates back to the end of WWII. The United Nations commemorated this month as a way for people to remember and celebrate the uniqueness of each culture, religion, ethnicity, background, language, and people! It seeks to remind the world that every person is entitled to the same human rights, no matter the person’s background. It is a month in which we celebrate what makes us different, learn about the beauty in others, and advocate for human rights for all.

The rights to live, grow, and be whoever a person chooses to be, and that background, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else shall not impede on human rights is the founding principle of this month. Throughout the decades, this month serves as both a celebration and a call to action: it is not enough to simply celebrate diversity, but it is crucial to also seek equity.

How ERGs Embody The Ideals of the Month

As times change, so too must the ways in which we create spaces for people. In a world that is constantly becoming more global and connected, it is easy to feel as though the world is becoming closer. However, in many ways, it has made cultures, languages, and ideals more standardized. ERGs are a phenomenal way to create connected spaces for members of communities. It creates a place of refuge online, in an online world that may not be representative of their background. It is a way to take the power of globalization and use it for the ideals of Global Diversity Month.

In addition to creating spaces where people can be authentically themselves, it also creates a space that allows people to ally themselves with communities of which they do not belong, and educate themselves on the trials and tribulations that others face. It creates an environment where people learn from one another, and use their own power to advocate for the rights of others. Teleskope’s ERG software allows ERGs to host events and collaborate with other ERGs in these endeavors. Communities coming together to celebrate and empower each other is the perfect way to jump into the spirit of Global Diversity Month!

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