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Discover the new face of office communication

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Office communication

Office communication, internal communication, or employee communication is how information is shared within an organization; this includes top-down communication, information sharing such as policies, group communication, and open-ended discussions.

Traditionally, unidimensional intranet software solutions are used for company-wide communication. However, these systems are quite rigid and do not offer a high level of customization, making design and dispatch options limited. For example, it would be challenging to send different communication to different departments within the firm without having to send out individual correspondences.

However, the world of office communication tools is evolving! With personalization and customization becoming an integral component of technology solutions, internal communication software also needed to catch-up and transform into something modern and multidimensional.

The new face of employee communication software solutions, such as Teleskope Office Raven, have features that add a layer of intelligence and sophistication. These new age tools are very agile and do away with the need to have multiple software for different needs.

Targeted Office Communication

These advanced platforms automatically allocate employees and new joinees to groups based on attributes such as office location, department, designation, etc. This saves time and effort by doing away with the manual task of creating and constantly updating mailing groups. It also facilitates targeted communication). The organization can also create these groups on the fly as per requirement by choosing HRIS attributes of their choice. For example, female managers can be targeted by filtering on both, the gender and designation attributes, or communication meant only for the ‘Marketing Team’ or the ‘Chicago Office’ can be sent accordingly.


This feature also allows for designing internal communication campaigns for various cohorts such as onboarding communication for new joinees, training modules for interns, scheduling for location-specific events. Once designed, these campaigns can be automated and triggered on demand thus, saving hours of manual intervention and boosting employee productivity.


A new add-on feature introduced in internal communication tools is the ability to conduct surveys on demand. These surveys can also be customized for different cohorts to get group-specific feedback. They can be anonymous, therefore, allowing employees to share feedback candidly. An effective action plan can be developed after analyzing the results of these surveys.


Technology has also advanced in terms of capacity. As organizations grow and create a global footprint, their employee count also increases. Employee communication tools like Office Raven have the capability to send over 1 million emails with a single click. Sending organization-wide communication has never been so simple and hassle-free.


The best communication tools are the ones that can be customized to suit the needs of the company and its employees. The unique features of Teleskope Office Raven can be embedded into an existing intranet application. Companies can enjoy the advantages of an advanced tool through smart and seamless integration with existing tools. The choices are endless.

Technology solutions are constantly getting better. It is time for companies to take a close hard look at their existing age-old communication portals and switch to agile and feature-rich solutions which can keep up with the changing expectations of employees from communication and connectivity.

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