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ERG Software - Key Features for ERG Members

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

ERG Software for ERG members

While opting for an Employee Resource Group (ERG) Software, an important aspect which is often overlooked is user experience. Though ERG Software is primarily chosen for the ease of management it offers to ERG Program Managers and ERG Leads, ERG members are the end users who rely heavily on the platform for information and access. Hence, it is imperative to assess ERG platforms from the point of view of ERG members and identify functionalities that would elevate their everyday user experience.

Here are some key features to look for in an ERG software to ensure ERG members return to the platform regularly and spread awareness about ERGs.

Complete overview of ERGs

Employees should be able to view all Employee Resource Groups at a glance. The ERG platform should provide a comprehensive view of all ERGs so that employees can make informed decisions about joining an ERG of their choice. Without an ERG platform that provides this information, some sections of the employee base would be oblivious to the presence of ERGs. The platform should also facilitate the access to key details about the ERG such as its purpose, vision, mission and goals so that prospective members can be aware of what to expect from ERG activities.

One-click ERG join

The ease of joining an ERG is a key component of user experience of an ERG software. One-click join and leave functionality, which is available in comprehensive software solutions like Teleskope, enable ERG members to join an ERG with a single click. They need not apply to join an ERG via email nor wait for an approval email from ERG leads. This feature also ensures members join ERGs as per their convenience as there is no dependency on invitation emails. It opens up ERG membership to new joinees as and when they join the organization. ERG members can also choose to leave an ERG with a single click and can stop updates instantly without the delay of an approval process. This feature provides complete autonomy to employees and contributes to user satisfaction.

ERG Event notification and attendance

ERGs organize events all year round to keep ERG members engaged. ERG members should get instant notifications about upcoming events. The ERG platform should display all upcoming events and facilitate instant RSVPs. When an ERG member opts to attend an event, it should be reflected on their calendar with the meeting details - location and time for in-person events and meeting links for virtual events. Automated reminders before the events ensure members do not miss any event in their busy schedules. By choosing an ERG platform that takes care of different aspects of the user experience for events, ERG event metrics can be positively impacted.

Discussion boards and sharing spaces

Employees join ERGs for a sense of community and belonging. Interacting with colleagues who share similar lived experiences is a perk of being part of an ERG. ERG platforms should have discussion boards that are easily accessible to members. They should be able to share their thoughts and opinions easily on the platform without the fear of being judged. ERG members can use discussion boards to share resources, articles, and events relevant to their group’s focus. These sharing spaces provide an avenue for members to speak up. They also encourage collaboration leading to more innovation at the workplace. Over time, discussion boards can become a valuable repository of information for newer ERG members.

Language and accessibility in ERG Software

In global companies, employees who are present in different geographical locations, belonging to different nationalities, join common global ERGs. An ERG platform that is available in multiple languages at different locations can bring members together in a more holistic way. When ERG members can access the platform in their regional language, they can share their opinions more comfortably in their native language, letting them be more authentic. The ERG platform should also be easily accessible on laptop, desktop or mobile devices. A mobile application of the ERG platform increases accessibility especially for frontline employees. Better accessibility results in more engagement.

It is important that ERG members have a superlative experience while using the platform. By choosing a comprehensive ERG platform like Teleskope, which has all the aforementioned features, ERGs will be able to grow and flourish in an organization.


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