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ERG Software - Key Features for ERG Leads

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

ERG Software for ERG Leads

The day to day functions of managing Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) rests with ERG Leads. It is common for each ERG to have one or more ERG Leads. They are responsible for nurturing and growing ERG membership and keeping ERG members engaged while staying true to the purpose of the ERG.

ERG Leads are usually employees who are passionate about the ERG’s mission and often take up the responsibility voluntarily in addition to their regular work. A technology solution to help them with manual repetitive tasks is needed to prevent ERG Lead burnout.

Here are some key features to look for in an ERG software so that ERG Leads get all the technological support they need.

ERG Member Management

The ERG platform should provide end-to-end member management. Features such as one-click join, which provide instant ERG access to interested employees, can boost membership numbers significantly. ERG software should also be able to provide ERG Leads administrative access to manage group rosters with attributes from the HRIS database. ERG Leads should have the capability to create new sub-groups or ‘Chapters’ within an ERG for members in different office locations around the world so that they can have a more localized experience e.g. plan and partake in city-specific in-person events vs global virtual events.

Event Management using ERG Software

ERG events are the cornerstone of ERG activities. They have the ability to bring ERG members together. They also intrigue non-members to explore the ERG. For ERG Leads, an ERG software should enable the seamless planning and execution of events. With features such as sending invites to all ERG members automatically along with a custom calendar integration that adds the event to the employee’s calendar, ERG Leads can concentrate on the more important tasks at hand such as event execution. Access to global calendars helps ERG Leads avoid clashing with other events. The functionality of tracking member RSVPs and attendance makes event planning more efficient. Event approval workflows with multi-stage approvals ensure that the event in question has all the necessary checks in place. ERG Leads can plan multi-ERG events by using comprehensive ERG software like Telekope. Multi-ERG events encourage collaboration among ERGs and lead to effective utilization of ERG budgets.

ERG Campaigns and communication

Creating awareness and promoting ERG activities is the best way for ERG Leads to ensure ERG success. This can be done by designing communication campaigns that drive ERG membership. Designing monthly or quarterly newsletters can help turn inactive ERG members into active ERG members. ERG platforms should have an easy-to-use design functionality to help ERG Leads create communication templates that adhere to brand guidelines. Features such as album sharing and discussion boards provide an informal space for ERG members to share their fun moments as well as deep thoughts with each other. This increases the bond between members and leads to a positive workplace culture.

Surveys using ERG Software

ERG Leads should look for built-in survey functionality while choosing an ERG Software. Surveys are a great way to collect timely and relevant feedback from ERG members and get a sense of the pulse of the ERG. Action-triggered surveys like on-join survey and on-leave/exit survey can provide ERG Leads with invaluable feedback about why employees become members or why they leave an ERG. With this information, ERG Leads can tweak their communication campaigns to attract new members as well as fix things that are driving members away. Post-event surveys also provide ERG leads with immediate information of whether an event was successful or not and if more events like that would be welcomed by its members.

Frontline Employee Engagement

In organizations where a large part of the employee base is frontline, i.e. does not sit out office locations all day or have an official email address/desktop/laptop, engagement becomes challenging. For ERG Leads this translates into only corporate employees joining ERGs which is usually a smaller number. ERG Leads would need ERG software solutions like Teleskope that make it possible for frontline employees to access ERGs the same way as corporate employees using unique digital identities and Single Sign-On (SSO). This feature ensures ERG initiatives reach all employees and they can participate in them actively. For ERG Leads, this leads to better membership and engagement metrics.

With the right ERG software, ERG Leads can unleash the true potential of their Employee Resource Group and help create safe spaces for employees to be their true authentic selves.

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