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Unlocking the potential of Employee Development with technology

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Employee Development programs occupy less space in the repertoire of employee-centric initiatives undertaken by an organization. This is because of the extensive scope and detailing required by such programs. Employees belonging to different departments at various levels need personalized development plans. A standardized solution would be impractical. Managing such diverse needs manually can be quite challenging for any Human Resources personnel. However, technology solutions can come to the rescue and not only simplify the process but also add multiple facets to it.

Here are some ways in which the right products can be a game-changer in nurturing talent.

Customized Programs

Creating customized learning and development plans is possible in most talent development software. Different modules can be clubbed to design a personalized upskilling roadmap based on the employee’s educational qualifications, past work experience and future aspirations. Automating this journey saves a lot of time in building such programs. Also, since the progress is visible for monitoring, it encourages employees to be more committed.

Group Learning

People learn better in groups. They can research together, motivate each other and create some healthy competition. Forming workplace ‘study groups’ of employees who share common segments in their development plan will enhance their learning experience. This can be done easily by using mentoring software which can be repurposed to create learning cohorts which can be treated as short-term interest groups. Onboarding modules for interns and new joinees as well department-specific training can also be conducted in a similar manner.

Power of visualization

Though career path or career progression are commonly used terms in conversations employees have with their managers, a definitive roadmap is often missing. Here’s where technology comes in - employees can chart their career roadmap with their managers by setting upskilling/reskilling goals and marking career milestones. Most software solutions that support talent development initiatives have a comprehensive dashboard for both users and the admin to track career paths.

Magic of mentorship

Coaching or mentorship can do wonders to inspire employees and guide them through professional and personal challenges. Mentorship programs can go sideways if the mentor and mentee are not a good match. Mentor-mentee algorithms available in mentorship tools accomplish this task with intelligence. A range of parameters including diversity information can be fed into the algorithm which can result in a mentor-mentee mapping that is beneficial to both and thus, the organization. Such products also eliminate the time and effort of manual mapping and tracking and instead provide customized views and reports.

Business impact

Apart from learning modules and certifications, employees can grow in the organization by working together on cross-functional projects that have a direct business impact. Business Resource Groups (BRGs) are a great way for employees to collaborate and get valuable exposure to new projects and processes. Employees who are aligned with business goals feel like active participants in the organization’s journey. ERG software that enables such collaborations and are a worthy investment.

Employee growth implies company growth and hence, employee development must be prioritized especially in a dynamic working landscape. The right products can enhance the overall talent and make the workforce future-ready.

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