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How ERG Management Softwares Boost Productivity

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Wondering how to design a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative? We get it: starting a DEI initiative can feel like a journey of a thousand miles. However, technology solutions such as Employee Resource Groups (ERG) management softwares, make it possible to conquer the first 800 miles before you need to refill your morning coffee!

There are many lesser-known advantages of having dedicated software solutions. Choosing the right technology that suits your organization’s needs and goals can be an asset in the long-run, often surpassing the return on investment. Here are some reasons to move from manually-run programs to all-in-one platforms.

Time Management Benefits

Time is money, and having a single platform dedicated to ERG management, talent development and organizational communication first and foremost, saves time. It allows employees to switch from monotonous time-consuming tasks to one-click solutions. Whether it be adding members to an ERG, creating an event, checking the company calendar for conflicting events, budget requests, newsletters, or automated messages, an all-in-one ERG management software creates a system of ease and simplicity: giving the employee and therefore, the company more time and opportunity to succeed. An ERG management platform continues to diversify the ERG community by increasing the scale and reach of ERGs from local to global. These technology solutions also simplify the scaling of programs and enable local chapters to grow into global chapters, a feat which would be impossible without the right DEI tech.

All ERG Data at a Glance

An ERG management software gives a complete picture on individual ERGs and company-wide initiatives in a single place. From a single platform, an administrator can access the admin panel and view budget, members, events, newsletters, discussions, photos, surveys, and announcements. Data analytics are built into the program so administrators can access and analyze data points with ease. Visual representations of data create time-saving summaries that can be used to view trends, patterns, and needs. An ERG software creates a bird’s eye view of the success of a company’s DEI initiatives without the need to create multiple check-ins and log in’s.

ERG Data Access and Visibility

Another advantage of ERG softwares is the ease with which roles and permissions can be assigned. The access and control for each role can be uniquely customized. Each admin can create the roles that make sense to the structure of the company and ERG, and customize the access to responsibilities each role encompasses. This level of control simplifies the process of manual checkpoints and approvals over email. Additionally, roles can be modified with the click of a button by implementing a simple escalation matrix logic into the software code.

ERG Budget Transparency and Tracking

An ERG management platform takes the dreaded email threads of various budget requests and places them all in a single window that an administrator can easily approve or deny with a single click. Gone will be the days of various emails threads and lost requests, and a new simple efficient method of streamlining event planning will begin! Administrators can view the budget for the fiscal year, each subcategory (customized by the ERG itself), and for events. A new level of transparency for both administrators and team is created which permits more judicial use of the budgets.

Customization of the ERG Platform

No company is the same, no ERG is the same, and no one should ever want them to be the same! Complete customization is key to success. From the names of roles, to the various reports that can be run, to user-defined attributes and parameters, each element can be changed to fit your needs. Over time, your ERG can evolve into a global ERG or a BRG, constantly changing and growing with the needs of the group. The agility of the ERG management software to adapt to your organization’s needs will determine the success of your DEI initiatives.

If you are part of an organization that is struggling to bring together its DEI initiatives in an efficient manner and is experiencing the weight of ERG management, then it is worthwhile to explore a suitable ERG management software solution.


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