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How to ensure effective Internal Communication

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Internal communication

Internal communication is the process through which information flows within an organization. Its messaging is accurate and approved by senior management. Employees rely on internal communication for organizational announcements, achievements, upcoming events and much more.

Here are some ways to ensure effective internal communication.

Send relevant communication

Employees have a constant inflow of information via emails, company chats and social media. Generic internal communication messages are prone to get lost in this traffic. That is why it is important to send relevant messages to the right subsets of employees. For example, a message meant for only the New York office employees or employees belonging to the Marketing team, need not be sent to all employees across the organization. Sending such targeted communication is possible through office communication software like Teleskope Office Raven. By using granular filters on HRIS attributes, messages can be sent to specific clusters within the organization without any manual intervention.

Use inclusive language

Inclusive language is the choice of words which is free of any prejudices and is sensitive to the origin of words in an evolving world. Internal communication must use inclusive language as it is the face of all communication and will set a precedent for what is considered acceptable. Avoid using gendered language or phrases and jargon which everyone might not understand. As companies grow globally using simple language will help employees feel less excluded. Even images used in communication should be a reflection of the diverse workforce.

Reach every employee through internal communication

Organization-wide communication such as policy changes, company updates and messages from senior leadership should reach every employee. Newsletters are a great way to share multiple nuggets of information in a concise manner. However, due to limited capacity and capabilities of email engines, communication does not always reach all employees across the globe. Frontline employees who do not have digital identities like official email addresses also end up missing critical information. Software solutions like Teleskope Office Raven solve both these problems related to employee communication. With the power to send over 1 million emails at a go, it ensures every employee receives the intended message. The Connect Module allows frontline employees to access information and engage securely via their personal email addresses.

Be open to dialogue

Though internal communication has traditionally been one-way and top-down, times are changing. Employees no longer enjoy being passive spectators. They want to share their reactions and opinions and engage with one another. Office communication platforms like Teleskope Office Raven facilitate this with in-built survey capabilities that help gauge the pulse of the organization or allow to get feedback from specific teams or employees from a particular office location. The discussion board feature lets employees share their views and feel heard. It can also be a great way to collect meaningful suggestions from internal communities.

Internal communication tools have elevated employee engagement and have the power to boost morale and create a positive work environment.


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