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How to keep employees engaged in 2024

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According to an article by McKinsey, more than half employees say they’re disengaged at work. Disengaged employees can, with their words and actions, bring down the morale of employees who are engaged and thriving. Lets understand how organizations can keep employees engaged.

Understanding disengagement at the workplace and its implications

The engagement levels of employees can be plotted on a graph or spectrum ranging from actively disengaged on the verge of quitting to those who are thriving and committed to their work. Reasons for disengagement include dissatisfaction with compensation, lack of meaningful work, lack of workplace flexibility, lack of support for employee health and well-being, non-inclusive and unwelcoming community and more. If the phenomenon of disengagement is not addressed in time, the feeling of disengagement can permeate across the work floor especially in in-person work environments. Motivated employees might lose their interest in work and might start looking for new jobs. This can result in the loss of talent with high potential. 

However, all is not lost. Organizations can address the issues and work proactively towards creating an inclusive and engaged workplace. Here are some ways to go about it.

How to keep employees engaged

Invest in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are organization-supported internal communities of employees that aim to provide underrepresented groups with a safe sharing space. When employees feel included and valued for their unique backgrounds, they are more likely to be engaged. ERGs also address important issues like mental health, neurodiversity, accessibility, work-life balance and more. They contribute to employee well-being, promote genuine connections beyond work and also provide networking opportunities. ERGs tackle the lack of inclusion and lack of support for well-being reasons cited by disengaged employees. With the help of ERG platforms like Teleskope, employees can access all ERGs with a single click and participate in ERG events, activities and discussions. 

Promote mentoring

Mentoring programs can significantly improve employee engagement. They provide employees with opportunities to develop new skills or enhance existing ones. When paired with a mentor, employees can get invaluable insights on career planning which makes them more likely to stay committed and engaged. Nurturing mentoring programs and investing in mentoring software is a testament of the organization’s commitment to employee growth and development. When employees participate in mentoring programs, either as mentors or as mentees, they feel valued and supported, leading to workplace satisfaction. Organizations should explore new formats and structures of mentoring programs to keep the new generation of employees engaged.

Adopt remote or hybrid work models

Providing employees with an option to work from home or in a hybrid set-up addresses lack of workplace flexibility as a reason for disengagement. Remote work allows employees to have a better control over their schedules and enables better work-life balance. Remote or hybrid work also reduces time spent in commute and the cost and stress associated with it. When employees have autonomy and independence in managing their tasks, the increased trust contributes a sense of empowerment and job satisfaction. Employee engagement activities can be conducted easily for remote employees as well using all-in-one platforms like Teleskope.

Volunteering and creating social impact

Participating in volunteering programs allows employees to contribute to causes that align with their values and the company’s mission. This sense of purpose and making a positive impact on the community fosters a deeper connection to the workplace. Volunteering often involves working together on projects outside the regular work environment. It leads to stronger bonds among colleagues and promotes teamwork and collaboration at the workplace. Volunteer work adds meaning and a sense of fulfillment enhancing employee engagement.

When organizations invest in employee health, well-being and success, they motivate employees to stay invested at the workplace. Always look for ways to enhance employee experience while also checking the pulse for disengagement by conducting anonymous surveys

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