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What are Dynamic Lists in employee communication?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dynamic Lists

Employee engagement has always been a challenging aspect of people management. It has become more challenging over the years with multi-generational workforces, each generation having a different attitude towards the workplace and a distinct communication style.

Customization and personalization of communication has been a game-changer for product and services marketing. There has been a complete shift from mass media communication to targeted and personalized communication. However, the same shift has not been observed in employee communication at workplaces. Let’s explore how dynamic lists can solve this problem and increase employee engagement.

What are Dynamic Lists?

Dynamic lists are lists of employees that are dynamically retrieved and indexed as per the attributes and conditions defined by the administrator. For example, if communication has to be sent to a sub-group of employees, a dynamic list can be instantly created by choosing parameters such as location, department, job title etc. that describe that sub-group. A communication intended only for marketing interns can be sent out by creating a dynamic list with filters for department as marketing and title as intern. Now any communication can be sent to this sub-group as and when needed by choosing it from the different lists.

Advantages of using Dynamic Lists

No mass communication

With dynamic lists, communication reaches only the intended audience without spamming others and clogging their inboxes. It also reduces the blindspot created for frequent emails received from a particular email address. Mass communication can lead to important messages getting ignored or lost in the sea of emails received everyday.

Targeted communication

Dynamic lists enable targeted communication in a very effective manner. Neither does the sender spend a lot of time sorting and sifting through email addresses, nor does a recipient get communication not intended for them. The filters can be tweaked as needed and can be as granular as needed.


Dynamic lists allow a high level of customization in communication. Templates can be created and used depending on the preferred style of communication of the intended recipient. For example, for senior leadership, templates should have all the information in a succinct manner while for interns, the communication can be light and fun. The tone and imagery of the communication can also be customized for a better engagement and recall value with the recipients.

Features to look for in Dynamic Lists

Flexibility of choosing filter attributes

The distinguishing feature of dynamic lists is the freedom to use multiple filters. If the number and type of filters that can be used is limited or constrained, you should look for a better alternative. Advanced employee communication tools like Teleskope Office Raven are capable of including multiple logical sequences involving multiple attributes in the creation of dynamic lists.

Capability to send different types of comms

The use of dynamic lists should not be limited to only static emails. All types of content should have access to dynamic lists. Teleskope’s comprehensive platform allows newsletters, surveys, and announcements to be sent using dynamic lists.

Integration with DEI data

Dynamic lists should have access to HRIS data as well as DEI data such as Employee Resource Group (ERG) data to create personalized communication. Surveys sent to particular demographics who are also part of ERGs can provide valuable insights about inclusion at the workplace.

Automatic data refresh

Dynamic lists need to hold the same data as the HRIS and ERG data for accuracy of communication. Teleskope’s dynamic lists feature ensures data is refreshed and is up-to-date data without any manual intervention. This feature addresses employee turnover and new employee additions.

Dynamic lists are a great way to send across meaningful communication and engage effectively with employees and improve the overall employee experience. This feature is available on Teleskope’s all-in-one employee community platform for employee resource group management, mentoring and employee communication.

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